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Through the use of a variety of modern techniques and powerful computer software, it is now possible to do photo restoration and enhancements without damaging your original photo. A good family snapshot can become a piece of family art again ready to be handed down as a new family treasure just by simply fixing a few flaws. An old weathered family photo can be the pride of the showcase or a touching memorial of a lost loved one just by fixing some damage and the fading of time.

As part of my restoration and enhancement process, I will only do my very best to adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels. What can photo restoration and retouching techniques do? It can do away with scratches, replace missing or damaged areas, remove water damage, smooth out wrinkles, uneven skin tones and many other defects. I will treat your loved and treasured photo memories as if they were my own photos. I give you my 100% guarantee on my photo restoration and repair service.
Your satisfaction and a great picture is my goal.

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Damaged Photos - Colorizing - Something New - Photo Resizing - Touch Up





 Damaged Photos

Did you find that old special photo that was not stored correctly and now has water damage, mold stains on it or maybe fading now? Maybe a long lost loved ones’ photo was handled a bit too much, maybe accidentally folded, torn or just worn around the edges. With my modern techniques, I am able to remove and restore many types of damages and make your old photos look new again.

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Colorized "Black and White to Color"

Would you like to take that old fading black and white photo and make it look like a new color photo? Take Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpas old black and white wedding photo and turn it into a new color photo for a gift? It worked for me, it was a wonderful 25th-anniversary gift and now is hanging proudly in my mother's living room. Or maybe just fix up that old special photo of a lost loved one for that family tree scrap book

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How About Something New For Your Photo?

Photos can also be manipulated so it becomes something entirely new. Turn your photo into a digital work of art. Objects can be removed, complete backgrounds can be changed. Did you ever want your wedding portrait to look like you were on a tropical island beach at sunset? That photo would be great if that one person/object was not in it. What if that accidental finger that got in the way when you took that picture was no longer there. Would you like to add a person to your picture? This can be done. I can do many other effects such as sepia, colorization, color to black and white, and different camera style effects.
How about some art for your walls or personal galleries; maybe a loving gift for that special someone. I can turn your photo or portrait into an oil painting or pencil sketch, any number of artist style effects. You dream it and I will bring it to life in your photo.

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Does your portrait photo need a little touch-up or a little tuning up?

My digital cosmetic techniques will help tune up your portrait for that promo shot or your portfolio. Does that portrait hanging on the office wall need an update? Do you want your picture on the internet for the world to see need a touch up here and there to make it sharp? Let's get rid of those unsightly pimples, blemishes or even out the skin tones. Need to tone down some wrinkles or remove them from a picture? An instant face lift can be done. Even the wrinkles on clothes can be fixed for that sharp crisp look. How about changing the color or toning down makeup, that can be done as well. Some dress and eye colors can be altered too. Let's have some fun.

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